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Congratulations again on passing your exams and joining the thousands of Aura Wellness Center graduates as a Yoga Teacher!

As you start teaching and growing with your Yoga practice, it is important to continuing your training and stay current with the industry. To help our students with this, Aura requires its graduates to submit for recertification. To re-certify, please start the process at least 3 months prior to the expiration date stated on your certificate and no more than 6 months prior to the expiration date stated on your certificate. Your first certificate is valid for 2 years. After that, students are required to recertify every 5 years.

All of the reputable Yoga organizations, that handle licensing for Yoga instructors, believe in continuing education courses and the recertification process. Recertification ensures that a teacher is keeping current with his/her practice. Teachers, who do not keep current, are more likely to harm their students due to infrequent practice as it is very easy to become stale and “rest on your laurels,” after graduation. As a certified Yoga teacher, you should stay current and be sharp. This means, attending workshops, taking continuing education courses, reading trade publications, and attending Yoga teacher seminars.

Aura wants to avoid having a teacher who puts down their practice for years, and then decides to start teaching again. We have re-certification standards to ensure that doesn’t happen; therefore, a student can feel safe with an Aura Certified Yoga Instructor, by knowing that they are being held to high standards.

Insurance companies and employers also look for this because it differentiates an Insured teacher/employment candidate. Those who have a reputable school, ensuring that their practice is current, are more likely to enhance the reputation of the places for whom they teach, by providing safe and current methods.

Holistic Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Sports Medicine knowledge is moving at a rapid pace. All of these fields pertain to you as a Yoga teacher, if you want to prevent student injuries. If you do not continually “stay on top” of what is going on, you will set yourself up for negligence. In these times, that can be financially costly to you and leave you feeling guilty about it.

To stay up to date, you can take one of our add-on, upgrade, or full online courses, attend onsite workshops, or take an outside program (workshop, seminar, or course), as long as it pertains to Yoga and/or Meditation, Holistic Medicine, Physical Therapy, or Sports Medicine. We continue to develop and add new course offerings for continuing education. To see the courses that are available now, you can visit our website:

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