Congratulations on taking the first steps on your
Yoga Teacher Training journey!

This is your Student Portal, which was created so that our students could take advantage of being able to study from anywhere. Whether you are at home, on break at work, at the park, or just have a spare moment while the kids are asleep, this portal is here for you every step of the way.

Our Support Team is also here for you. We know that starting on a new path, or working to increase your knowledge, can feel overwhelming at times. Because of this, we have put together a Support Team that is ready and able to help you throughout your journey. Our Support Team consists of Lead Instructors (to learn more about our instructors, CLICK HERE), IT Support, and Exam Submission Support. If you have questions on assignments or exams and how to complete them, need additional information on a particular topic(s) / need direction, are having technical issues (i.e. not able to view a lesson, having trouble downloading a course document, having issues with a quiz, etc.), or are just ready to submit your coursework, this team can assist you. For any support, you can either:

Email the Support Team at:
Call the Support Team at: 617-993-0524

(Please note that if you have multiple questions, or need help with several quiz/exam questions, we ask that you email instead of calling. This will allow our instructors/staff time to give you a detailed response as well as provide you with a reference email to refer back to later.)

You can also reach out to us on our Facebook Page: Aura Wellness Collaborative. This is a great place to get assistance from your peers and/or instructors, read articles, and see additional video examples. You will also find personal practice videos here.

Feel free to reach out to our Support Team email at anytime. This inbox is checked regularly, so you will receive responses, if not immediately, within 12-24 hours. Keep in mind that on the weekends responses my be slower due to reduced staff. For our Support Phone, please note that phone support is available during the business hours listed below, unless there is a holiday or an appointment made. You can call outside of these hours, however, you will need to leave a voicemail and someone will get back to you.

OFFICE HOURS: Monday –Friday 9am-5pm EST (Best time is early afternoon). Appointments available, as needed and applicable

Course Navigation

To navigate through this course,there are a couple of areas that you should be aware of.

Course Nav Pic

To the left of your screen you will see the overall “Course Progress” and “Course Navigation” (like the above picture). In this area, you will see your overall Progress and a list of all the Lessons and Lesson Topics for this course. If you need to go to a specific Lesson or Lesson Topic, select the Lesson and/or Lesson Topic that you want to work on, and then work your way through the Lesson/Lesson Topics. Once you have completed a Lesson Topic, be sure to select the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of each page. This will then update your course to reflect that you have completed that Lesson Topic. If you do not select the “Mark Complete” button, it will not reflect as completed and update your Course Progress meter. Keep in mind that if you wish to return to a particular Lesson/Lesson Topic later, you will still able to do so by selecting the Lesson or Lesson Topic in the Course Navigation section. You will not lose any of your progress.

As you complete Lessons, your Course Progress meter to the left of the screen will fill up and the grey circles next to the left of the Lesson/Lesson Topic names will turn green, indicating completion of that Lesson/Lesson Topic. *Note: The only exception to this is the Final Exam. Since it is graded manually, it will not turn green until graded.

This course is designed for you to start from the top and then work your way down through the Lessons/Lesson Topics. Completing the course in this way will help you to understand and digest the information provided more easily, as the information is presented in a way that you can flow from one Lesson to the next, building on information as you go. Jumping around Lessons is not recommended.

This portal will keep track of where you left off. When you leave the portal and then come back to complete more of your coursework, you can pick up where you left off by going the the “My Courses” page and then selecting the “Resume” button. This will take you to the last page you were on. The “My Courses” page can be accessed by clicking on the “My Courses” link in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It is circled in red in the picture above.

Currently, you are in the Lesson “Introduction”. Below are the Lesson Topics for this Lesson that are meant to prepare you for this course. Please review this information carefully, so that you understand how to complete this course. Once you have completed a Lesson Topic, select the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of the page for each Lesson Topic. You will see your Course Progress meter start to track your progress. Once all Lesson Topics in this Lesson are completed, the system will automatically mark the Introduction Lesson as complete and move onto the next Lesson.

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