This Lesson is about the importance of maintaining your own personal practice as well as expanding your Yoga teaching skills and knowledge. Understanding these two topics are important steps for a Yoga teacher, as this will allow you to better teach your students. These two topics are studied together, because they go hand in hand with each other. By maintaining your personal practice, you will develop an understanding of where you are in your practice, where you have been, and where you want to be. You will also develop first hand experience and an understanding of the asanas (postures). You can use this knowledge to relate to your students and assist them through their practice. So basically, your personal practice is the backdrop for your teaching skills. Because of this, it is important to remember that your personal practice is just as important as your students practice.

This Lesson starts off with a reading from your textbook which provides information about your personal practice as well as provides long-term practice tips. Next, you will view a video called “Six Valuable Skills for Yoga Teachers.” This video provides a starting point and framework for the Lesson Topics below. Each Lesson Topic provides information on the different aspects of teaching a class and on the student teacher relationship. These teaching tools have been broken out into four Lesson Topics: Self Mastery and Mindfulness, Communication & Learning Styles, Etiquette and Ethics, and Safety.

Once you have reviewed all of the below information and the video, as well as the information in each Lesson Topic, you can complete the assignment and quiz for this section.

To start this Lesson, you will need to:

  • In the textbook “MASTERING VINYASA YOGA” by Raji Thron read the below sections. Be sure to highlight important sections and/or take notes.
    • In THE YOGA JOURNEY read “Let Go of Progress, Yet Work to Achieve it!”
    • In THE YOGA JOURNEY read “Refine Your Alignment through Complementary Actions”
    • In THE YOGA JOURNEY read “Fundamental Qualities to Balance in Your Postures”
    • In THE YOGA JOURNEY read “Actions to Address Structural Dualities in the Body”
    • In THE YOGA JOURNEY read “Alignment Process for Any Pose”
    • In THE YOGA JOURNEY read “Long-term Practice Tips”
    • In THE YOGA JOURNEY read “Health & Dietary Habits to Benefit Your Yoga”

The above reading provided information on your personal practice that can also be applied when teaching your future students. With that in mind, watch the below video “Six Valuable Skills for Yoga Teachers”:

The below Lesson Topics provide videos that cover information and tools for teaching and cover teaching basics. Be sure to take notes as your quiz will be on the information above as well as the information covered in the below Lesson Topics. Again, once you have reviewed all the information in this Lesson, you can complete the assignment and quiz below.

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