For this section, you will need to:

  • In the textbook “YOGA Anatomy – Second Edition” textbook by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthew read the below. This chapter explains how the remaining chapters in this text break down each asana and the information it provides.
    • CHAPTER 5: INSIDE THE ASANAS (*Note: If you are utilizing the textbook “YOGA Anatomy – Third Edition” textbook by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews, the chapters are slightly different. In the Third Edition, this is CHAPTER 7: INSIDE THE ASANAS)
  • Watch the introduction to the video: Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow below. Throughout the Learning the Asanas Lessons, and the Sequencing Lesson, you will see videos created both here at Aura Wellness Center and clips from the “Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow” DVD with Zyrka Landwijy. This additional video content is provided to build off of the concepts that we discuss, as well as provide additional content for you to practice with. The below video is the introduction to this video which provides insight into the videos coming up as well as pointers on how to start your Yoga practice.

After the reading and video above, and now that you have a firm understanding of the History or Yoga, Yogic Philosophy, and Yogic Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology, its time to dive into your asana practice. This is the Introductory Lesson to the upcoming 8 Lessons on the asanas. These Lessons are:

  • Learning the Asanas: Warm Ups and Salutations
  • Learning the Asanas: Standing Poses
  • Learning the Asanas: Forward Bends
  • Learning the Asanas: Backbends
  • Learning the Asanas: Twists
  • Learning the Asanas: Balancing Poses (and Inversions)
  • Learning the Asanas: Finishing Poses
  • Learning the Asanas: Assisting and Alignment, Adjustments, and Modifications

The Asana Lessons are broken up to match the chapters in your textbook “THE ART OF VINYASA: Awakening Body and Mind through the Practice of Ashtanga Yoga” by Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor and then one additional Lesson has been added. This was done to make referencing your textbook, along with the resources provided here, easier. It also allows for the information to be broken up so that it is easier to follow and comprehend.

Each lesson will advise what sections to read in your textbook(s) as well as provide additional information on practicing and teaching the asanas. Throughout the “Learning the Asanas” Lessons, we will cover the asanas at a high level and teach you everything you need to know about practicing them. This will help you grow with your own practice as well as enable you to assist your students with their practice. As you work your way through these Lessons, practice these asanas with family and friends, in front of a mirror, and/or record yourself. This will allow you to get feedback from others first hand and/or allow you to see and review what you look like in these asanas so that you can make any corrections that are needed in your alignment. We recommend that you review and practice these asanas multiple times so that the movements become second nature to you. By doing this, you will be able to easily create and teach Yoga classes with knowledge and grace. You will also be able to adapt a lesson plan, based on the students that are in front of you.

Please note that we recommend that you complete the previous sections (Yoga Styles and the Roots of Vinyasa Yoga, Yogic Philosophy, The Anatomy of Breathing and Pranayama, Subtle Energy and Inner Form, The Chakras, The Yoga Journey and Yoga Teacher Basics, and Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology) before completing this section. This will allow you to develop a firm background in Yoga and allows you to better understand how yoga affects the mind, body, and spirit. Even students that have been practicing Yoga for years will benefit from reviewing those sections first, as you will be able to reconnect with why you started your practice and understand how the asanas fit into the Yogic Lifestyle.

As a reminder, before you or your students participate in any exercise program, use any fitness products or services described and/or made accessible through this course, or through the Aura Wellness Center Website and/or other Services, a physician or other healthcare provider should be consulted.

If you would like to print out of the information on the asanas, we have provided a guidebook below that has all of the asanas that we dive into in this section. It includes the pictures along with the information provided in the asana Lessons, along with information on topics covered throughout this course. Note that this guide has been put in alphabetical order and not divided up into the Pose Type (as done on this dashboard and in your textbook.) This was done to make finding poses quicker as this guide can be used outside of this dashboard.

Vinyasa Yoga – Asanas, Mudras, & More


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