Live Zoom Meetings

Meeting ID: 868 9534 0299
Passcode: HathaYTT

To join these meetings, please click the link below and enter the Passcode: HathaYTT

Each week we will be running two Live Zoom Meeting discussing topics related to your course materials. These meetings will be held every Wednesday from 2pm – 3pm ET (US) and every Saturday from 10am – 11am ET (US). Wednesdays will be lectures on course topics and Saturdays will cover the asanas with guidance on not only practicing them but providing assistance to your students. For the Saturday Sessions, feel free to bring pictures and/or short videos of you practicing the asanas for guidance on posture and alignment. A recording of these meetings will be posted to the section “Zoom Session Recordings” for you to come back to and review as needed. During these meetings, we will start by discussing the topic for that week and then allow time at the end for any questions that you have.

*Note: This section is not the first Lesson for this course. The first Lesson is under the section called “Lessons” and is called “History of Yoga and Hatha Yoga Styles”, so you do no need to watch all of the Zoom recordings before starting your coursework. You will come back this Lesson throughout this course to access the link above to join our weekly sessions and/or see the weekly schedule.


Final Session for the Year Schedule
August 14, 2024 – December 18, 2024

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