Remember, the purpose of this Final Exam is to help you gauge your understanding of all the material covered in this course.
Take your time and use your notes. There is no time limit for this exam, and it is open book. Your Final Exam will be graded automatically when submitted.
You need to score at least 85% to pass your exam.

Questions 1-56 come from the Instructing HATHA YOGA textbook
Questions 57-70 come from The YOGA MIND textbook

If you get stuck, review your notes and textbook(s) to try and figure out the answer. If you still can’t figure it out, Student Support is only an email or phone call away.

Exam answers should save if you accidentally close out of the exam.
However, every browser is different, and answers can sometimes be blocked from saving.
Because of this, we ask that you do not start the exam unless you have the time to complete and submit it.
*Any lost work cannot be recovered*

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