For this assignment, you are to create a Lesson Plan for a 60-minute Hatha Yoga class that is structured for adult students. Your class must be structured as a Hatha Yoga class as this is a Hatha Yoga certification course.

For your Lesson Plan, there is no set template. A Lesson Plan is simply an outline of what you will do in your class, similar to a School Teachers Lesson Plan. Think of your Lesson Plan as a layout of what you will do. As a tool that you can use, as an instructor, to help guide and prepare you for teaching your classes. This is a living document that will change over time, so don’t focus on perfection.

Your Lesson Plan can be a list of the asanas you will be doing in your class and any additional notes that you feel you will need to cover in class. You can also add in pictures, breath count, estimated time spent in each section of your class, etc. This will be the Lesson Plan you follow for your Practical Exam, so feel free to add any additional notes you will need to practice for your Practical Exam video. Your Lesson Plan can be as detailed as you need it to be. That being said, you don’t need to write down everything that you will say, as that can become more confusing than helpful in the end.

The purpose of this assignment is to start preparing you for your Practical Exam, so you will want to create your Lesson Plan with your 60-minute Practical in mind. Because of this, feel free to jump ahead and take a look at the Practical Exam requirements. This will help to provide more of a direction.

As an example, typically you will want to start with any blanket warning or precautions in the class, then do warm-ups (how long, what warm ups, and any important cues you want to say), then move onto the body of your practice (list the asanas and maybe any breathing cues you want to remember to say, time spent in this section), then move onto your cool-down and meditation/relaxation series. An easy break down can be found in Chapter 12 of your textbook under table 12.2 “Flight Plan” for Yoga Sessions. You can utilize that along with the examples provided in chapter 13 for guidance. Keep in mind though that there is no one way to create a Lesson Plan. So feel free to be as creative as you wish with your Lesson Plan and have fun.

Resources for this Assignment:

  • Zoom Meetings related to this topic:
    • Lesson Plan Basics / Sequencing
    • Preparing for the Practical Exam
  • Instructing Hatha Yoga textbook (particularly Chapters 12 and 13)
    • Note: some of the sample lesson plans in your textbook are not for Hatha Yoga classes. They are there for examples in Lesson Plan structure, however, your class should be a Hatha Yoga class (not vinyasa, prenatal, kids, etc.)
  • This Portal
    • Particularly “Lesson 17: Sequencing” and the “Hatha Yoga – Practical Exam Lesson”
    • The Learning the Asanas Lessons can also help in selecting the asanas you want in your class.
  • Outside resources
  • Your own experience (either as a teacher or a student)

Requirements for this Assignment:

  • Your name at the top of the paper.
  • Your file name must be: “Your Last Name_Your First Name_Lesson Plan“. Papers not labeled correctly, will NOT be accepted. (Ex. Jerard_Paul_Lesson Plan)
To submit your Lesson Plan, you can upload it below.
(Keep a copy of this assignment for your records)
This Lesson Plan will not be graded automatically.
It will be graded at the end of your course, once all of your assignments and exams have been submitted.
It will reflect as “Pending” until it is graded at the end of the course
*Note: only PDF files will be accepted*

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