Like Side Lying Stretch in the Pose Type “Twists, this asana is not normally in the Forward Bends pose type. It would be more properly placed in the pose type Prone, Restorative, or Poses of Completion. However, your textbook “RESTORATIVE YOGA FOR LIFE” placed this asana in this pose type because the effects or benefits of this asana are similar to the overall effects and benefits found in the Forward Bends pose type.

This asana is beginner asana that is similar to the asana “Prone (on Belly) Savasana” (which will be covered in the “Learning the Asanas: Poses of Completion” Lesson). However, this asana has more of a focus placed on the pelvis and stomach (or navel) areas due resting these on the bolster. With this focus, this asana benefits students who need to release back tension as well as is beneficial for women issues like menstrual cramps. This is because it creates space in the back and opens the hips.

For a full break down of how to practice this asana, refer to your “RESTORATIVE YOGA FOR LIFE” textbook. For a simple breakdown of the chakras affected and how the doshic balance is affected, see below.

Chakra Two:Sacral or Svadhisthana (sweetness) Chakra. This is the chakra for emotion, sexuality, and attraction of opposites. Its goals are fluidity, pleasure, and relaxation. Its location is the abdomen, genitals, lower back, and hips.
Chakra Three:Solar Plexus, Self-Power, or Manipura (lustrous gem) Chakra. This is the combustion, power, and energy chakra. Its goals are vitality, strength of will, and purpose. Its location is the solar plexus.

VataThis dosha is decreased in this asana.
PittaThis dosha is increased in this asana.
KaphaThis dosha is increased in this asana.

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