In your textbooks, you will find and extensive lists of the physical and psychological benefits to a Restorative Yoga practice. Below are a few more benefits to round out this list.

  • Improves memory and increases mental clarity and concentration
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Supports that immune system which aids in recovery from illness
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Improves circulation as well as the function of the organs

Our daily lives cause many stresses that can build up in the body and cause tension throughout the body. The most common places that tension builds is in the neck, shoulders, and back. Our daily to-so lists can be overwhelming at times. Because of this, stresses due to family responsibilities, work load/responsibilities, and life in general are so abundant that we become accustom to the stress that has built in the body, and have lost touch with the pain it causes. We walk around with all this stress and damage our bodies and mind in the process. Restorative yoga relaxes us and reminds us how to be attune with our bodies so that we can reduce the built up of stress and live a healthier life.

By reconnecting with your body through focusing your mind, you will find that you are able to approach everyday stresses in a healthier way. The techniques that you will learn throughout this course will also help you to teach your future students how to do this for themselves as well.

For more information on the aim of Yoga and its benefits, read:

  • In the textbook “YOGA: THE PATH TO HOLISTIC HEALTH by B.K.S. Iyengar, read the below sections. Be sure to highlight important sections and/or take notes. *The “What is Restorative Yoga – Multiple Choice Quiz (Part 2)” is based off the information in this reading as well as the information videos covered in this Lesson Topic.

    • Foreword
    • In CHAPTER 2: YOGA FOR YOU read “Aims of Yoga”
    • In CHAPTER 2: YOGA FOR YOU read “The Way to Health”
    • In CHAPTER 2: YOGA FOR YOU read “Benefits of Poses”
    • In CHAPTER 2: YOGA FOR YOU read “Yoga for Stress”
    • In CHAPTER 2: YOGA FOR YOU read “Yoga for Fitness”

The above reading can be broken down into one concept, Self-Mastery. Through the practice of Yoga there are many benefits, however, you will find that by a having a diligent Yoga practice, one of the greatest benefits that you will gain Self-Mastery. To help tie together the concept of Self-Mastery with the above reading, and refresh our knowledge on this topic, watch the below videos called “Teaching Self Mastery to Your Yoga Students (Part I)” and “Teaching Self Mastery to Your Yoga Students (Part 2).”


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