This asana is great for setting up other asanas but it is also a great asana in and of itself. In today’s world of technology, we find ourselves putting a lot of strain on our neck, back, and shoulders. This is because the majority of the tasks that we do everyday encourage us to bend forward (like typing, reading, driving, etc.) but not a lot of activities encourage us to straighten up or bend backwards. Because of this, we find ourselves rounding our backs on a daily basis and stretching our heads forward. This puts a lot of pressure on the spine and, over time, can change the natural curve of our spines. Yoga, and specifically back bend asanas, are a great way to counter this development.

Blanket Roll in 3 Positions allows us to easily lay back and enjoy the relief that comes with taking the time to decompress. You can see a full break down of how to practice this asana in your textbook “RESTORATIVE YOGA FOR LIFE”. By practicing this simple but effective asana, not only are you releasing tension and stress in the back and spine, you are also opening the chest, making it easier to breath, relax, and rejuvenate. Because of the restfulness of this asana, it can be practiced at the beginning or end of your sessions.

Lastly, this asana affects several chakras as well as affects the doshic balance. See below for a simple breakdown.

Chakra Two:Sacral or Svadhisthana (sweetness) Chakra. This is the chakra for emotion, sexuality, and attraction of opposites. Its goals are fluidity, pleasure, and relaxation. Its location is the abdomen, genitals, lower back, and hips.
Chakra Three:Solar Plexus, Self-Power, or Manipura (lustrous gem) Chakra. This is the combustion, power, and energy chakra. Its goals are vitality, strength of will, and purpose. Its location is the solar plexus.
Chakra Four:Heart, Love, or Anahata (Unstuck) Chakra. This is the love and equilibrium chakra. Its goals are balance, compassion, and acceptance. Its location is the heart.
Chakra Six:Third-Eye or Ajna (to perceive) Chakra. This is the intuition and projection chakra. Its goals are psychic perception and imagination. Its location is the brow.

VataThis dosha is increased in this asana.
PittaThis dosha is increased in this asana.
KaphaThis dosha is decreased in this asana.

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