Sacral / Sweetness



Sanskrit Name:Svadhisthana meaning "sweetness", "abode of the vital force", or "dwelling place of the self". It is our relationship with our emotions, our sexuality, our creativity, and our work. It is about being able to freely express our emotions and sensitivity without judgement.
Location:Between the pubic bone and navel, the sacrum, abdomen, genitals. This also affects the bladder, lower back, hips, and knees.
Developmental Stage:Six months to twenty-four months.
Purpose or Issue:Sexuality and Emotions related to others. Healing our physical relationships. The need to feel love and acceptance and the freedom to experience and explore the world freely. Attraction of opposites and the concepts of duality and polarity. Self-gratification.
Basic Right:The right to feel.
Associations:• Color: Orange
• Planet: Moon
• Animals: Alligator and Fish
• Stones: Coral and Carnelian
• Body Part: the Reproductive Organs
• Food: Liquids
Focus:Relationship with yourself and others. Being free to express your emotions and move freely. Getting in touch with buried emotions. Self-gratification. The desire to feel, to want, to freely expand, and to effortlessly create.
Unbalanced Fears and Thoughts:Fear of losing control or being controlled by others. Feeling vulnerability, shame, afraid, guilt, jealousy, and anger.
Balanced Fears and Thoughts:Feelings of forgiveness and acceptance of yourself and others. Accepting and embracing the polarities in ourselves.
Deficient and Excessive Manifestations:Worries about betrayal, addiction, rape, or financial lose. Emotional instability, sexual addition or Impotence, stiffness, or numbness. Seem dull or ‘flat’ emotionally. Avoidance of pleasure in any form. Overly developed sense of control. Little passion. Overly emotional or lacking boundaries. Overly sociable or a hermit.
Significance / Goals:Healing our relationships with ourselves and others. Pleasure and connection. Our ability to connect to the power of our sexual energy and to create relationships based on our personal empowered truth. This creates a relationship within ourself that builds our creativity and helps us get stuff done. In turn, we can build meaningful relationships with others without losing our own identity because we have a healthy and honest relationship with ourselves.
Mantras / Affirmations:• I create.
• I am beautiful.
• I accept and love myself.
Asanas• Forward Bend, Seated (Paschimottanasana)
• Cat (Marjaryasana)
• Pigeon, Half (Ardha Kapotasana)
• Child’s Pose (Balasana)
• Supine Twist (Jathara Parivartanasana)
• Dancer I (Natarajasana I)

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