Yoga Teacher Ethical Guidelines

Aura Yoga Teachers are trained to live and teach wisdom, to have compassion for all beings, and to demonstrate ethical conduct. Aura Yoga Teachers are expected to lead by example and live a life that models the way to health, happiness, and wholeness for their students. Aura Yoga Teachers are taught to understand the interconnected nature of life, to respect the dignity of all people, and to teach for the benefit of all beings. The Body wise ethical code is that of ahimsa, or ‘non-harming’.

Aura Yoga Teachers are specifically required to:

  • Teach with kindness and gentleness.
  • Maintain respect at all times for the integrity of the student.
  • Maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.
  • Realize that Yoga students are vulnerable when practicing.
  • Solve conflicts with respect for all.
  • Refrain from discrimination on the basis of gender, age, race, religion, color, nationality, disability, or sexual preference.
  • Touch students only for the purposes of asana education, healing massage, or comfort, and to avoid all forms of touch that would be emotionally or sexually invasive.

The failure of an Aura Yoga Teacher, or an Aura Yoga Intern, to comply with these ethical guidelines, will result in either a reprimand, the loss of their certification as an Aura Yoga Teacher, or permanent dismissal, with no chance of re-instatement, depending upon the severity of the infraction. To be re-instated, you are required to wait 1 year, to present proof of 40 hours of professional counseling,
and to attend 20 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Methods, Ethics, and Philosophy, at our facility.

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