To further assist with ideas for sequencing your yoga classes, below we have provided sessions from the “Yoga: Gentle Practice” video with Zyrka Landwijy. These sessions are great examples of how a class can be structured. They can also be used as a way to practice the asanas. Remember, the classes have been broken up into Series A Routines and Series B Routines. As a refresher on this information, and setup details, we have included the Introduction video to this DVD again below.

Introduction – Start Here

Series A Routine – 33 minutes

Series A Routine – 44 minutes

Series A Routine – 63 minutes

Series B Routine – 24 minutes

Series B Routine – 38 minutes

Series B Routine – 53 minutes

Understanding the asanas and how to sequence them is one part of the equation in creating a Yoga class. The last piece is integrating a meditation session into your classes. You can utilize the information from your previous lesson to assist with this.

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