Even after a rigorous asana practice or completing the techniques described in the video “Seated Postures for Meditation” with Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, some students still have trouble focusing the mind. This is where a guided relaxation can help you and your students. At the back of your textbook, “Instructing Hatha Yoga – 2nd Edition With Web Resource” by: Diane M. Ambrosini, there is an appendix section. Go to “Appendix A: Sample Relaxation Scripts”. Here you will find 5 sample scripts: “Progressive Relaxation”, “Star Relaxation”, “Belly-to-Universe Relaxation”, Tibetan Healing-Breath Relaxation”, and “Chakra Relaxation.” Each of these scripts provide a different way to focus your students mind on meditating instead of what they are going to do next. The Web Resources for this textbook also provide a video called “Belly to Universe Relaxation” that demonstrates a guided relaxation session that you can perform at the end of a class.

Alternatively, we have a 4 part series below of recordings that guide you through yogic relaxation techniques. You can use these to help yourself relax and obtain inner calm or adapt them to use during the meditation / relaxation session in your Yoga classes.

01- Introduction

02 – Stage By Stage Relaxation Sequences

03 – Body Scanning

04 – Guided Relaxation

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