Lessons/Assignments Related to this Zoom Lecture Topic

Lesson 16: Meditation for Beginners
Lesson 17: Sequencing
Assignment 4: Hatha Yoga Lesson Plan
Hatha Yoga – Practical Exam

This week we discussed:

  • Lesson Plan Basics:
    • Opening / Rooting
    • Mantra and/or Pranayama
    • Warm Up
    • Asana Practice
    • Hatha Flows
    • Pinnacle / Peak Pose
    • Hatha Blocks (Series)
    • Standing
    • Balancing
    • Table (All Fours)
    • Kneeling
    • Seated
    • Prone
    • Supine
    • Relaxation and/or Meditation
    • Closing
  • Additional Information for Lesson Plans:
    • Don’t forget blanket warnings
    • Can make it a list of asanas – but recommend adding in breath counts or timing to help keep lesson at 60mins
    • Can include pictures or charts if like but not required
    • Look at the Practical Exam requirements before starting this assignment as it will help shape your Lesson Plan
    • Chapter 12 is an excellent guide for this. If would like additional information, reach out to our Support Team at support@aurawellnesscenter.com
  • Purpose of Sequencing:
    • Teacher Intention / Themes
    • Learning Experience for Students
    • Time of Day
    • Student Health Profile
    • Resources:
      • George Watts, Jason Crandell, Tummee
      • Books: BKS Iyengar, The Path to Holistic Health
      • Mark Stephens
    • How Many Sequences to Know?
  • Additional Information for Sequencing
    • Basic Structure
      • Blanket warning > centering/warm-up >main practice > cool down/meditation
    • How to form class- peak pose, anatomical focus, theme, teaching point
    • Tips
      • Don’t go up and down too fast
      • More than 1 way to get into a pose
      • Okay to stick to the postures that you are most comfortable with at first
      • Start with a blanket warning
      • Make sure well rounded – moves spine in all directions

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