In order to complete this course, you will need to purchase 4 Textbooks.

    1. The ART OF VINYASA: Awakening Body and Mind through the Practice of Ashtanga Yoga by Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor. ASIN: B01M30UWNN (Kindle) or ISBN-13: 9781611802795(paperback – physical book)
    2. MASTERING VINYASA YOGA by Raji Thron. ASIN: B07GVQK9PH (Kindle) or ISBN-13: 978-1726134149 (paperback – physical book).
    3. YOGA MIND: 52 Essential Principles of Yoga Philosophy to Deepen your Practice Kindle by Rina Jakubowicz. ASIN: B07BS2QC1B (Kindle) or ISBN-13: 978-1623159719 (paperback – physical book)
    4. YOGA Anatomy Second Edition by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews. ISBN-13: 9781492577898 (eBook) or ISBN-13: 9781450400244 (paperback – physical book)

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