In order to complete this course, you will need to purchase 4 Textbooks.

  1. The ART OF VINYASA: Awakening Body and Mind through the Practice of Ashtanga Yoga by Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor. ASIN: B01M30UWNN (Kindle) or ISBN-13: 9781611802795 (paperback – physical book)
  2. MASTERING VINYASA YOGA by Raji Thron. ASIN: B07GVQK9PH (Kindle) or ISBN-13: 978-1726134149 (paperback – physical book).
  3. YOGA MIND: 52 Essential Principles of Yoga Philosophy to Deepen your Practice Kindle by Rina Jakubowicz. ASIN: B07BS2QC1B (Kindle) or ISBN-13: 978-1623159719 (paperback – physical book)
  4. YOGA Anatomy Second Edition by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews. ISBN-13: 9781492577898 (eBook), ISBN-13: 9781450400244 (paperback – physical book), or ASIN: B0076DDI8A (Kindle) (Note: there is an updated version of this textbook, YOGA Anatomy Third Edition by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews (eBook: 9781492596486, paperback – physical book – ISBN-13: 978-1492596479, or Kindle – ASIN: B0998616FH). Either edition can be used for this course, however, since this course was original created around the Second Edition, if you utilize the Third Edition you will jump around the textbook instead of going in order. It also has additional chapters that are not discussed in this course but can be reviewed for additional information).

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