Course Description:

The (Add-on) Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-Box – Level 1 [ONLINE] focuses on the continued instruction and development of five core categories for a Yoga Teacher Training course: Yoga Technique, Training, and Practice, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy, and Physiology, Yogic Philosophy, Ethics, and Lifestyle, as well as Practicum. With a focus on these categories, you will analyze textbooks and watch videos, as well as complete outside research, for full immersion learning. This course starts by explaining what Restorative Yoga is and how it differs from other Yoga styles. You will then move onto how Restorative Yoga ties into Yogic Philosophy and will review topics such as teaching methodology, pranayama, and relaxation techniques. The asanas are also covered with a focus on how to practice them in a Restorative Yoga setting, as well as developing a deeper understanding of anatomy and helping students with limited ranges of motion through modifications and props use. You will also further your understanding of prop use, proper alignment, how each muscle is used, how slight alterations of a pose can enhance or reduce effectiveness, safety precautions, and how the spine, breathing, and body position are all fundamentally linked. The resources in this course also assist in teaching students how to create and implement their own Restorative Yoga lesson plans. In this way, students learn effective teaching methods and how to engage their students to help them through the discovery and benefits that Restorative Yoga promises for the mind, body and spirit. Students are asked to engage in physical activity and to demonstrate their abilities as a Restorative Yoga instructor, while also using the resources provided to supplement their learning.

Course Objectives:

The purpose and goal of this course is to instruct you on the proper practice of Restorative Yoga, and help you learn to facilitate classes knowledgeably and creatively, while also keeping the safety and security of your students as the top priority. You will develop an understanding of Restorative Yoga practices and methodologies, as well as understand how to create Lesson Plans and facilitate them. You will also use outside resources to research Yoga topics to ensure a full understanding of the materials and find additional resources to enhance your abilities.

Upon successful completion of this course the student should be able to:
  • Understand the anatomy of the human body in regard to how Yoga affects us.
  • Learn how different asanas, through modifications and prop use, affect the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Reaffirm your understanding of the metaphysical system of the Chakras.
  • Rediscover Yogic Philosophy and how its origins affect practice today.
  • Evaluate the impact and benefits Yoga can provide.
  • Understand the role of meditation and concentration in a Restorative Yoga class.
  • Create an understanding and ability to implement and demonstrate Yoga philosophies and practices.
  • Examine and synthesize information from alternative sources to continue and expand on the study of Yoga.
  • Analyze Yoga techniques and methodology through the Restorative Yoga style, to develop lesson plans that are coordinated and flow for students physically and mentally.

With the above in mind, we broke down this course into 12 Lessons so that the information is easily digestible.
  1. What is Restorative Yoga
  2. Yogic Philosophy and Teaching Restorative Yoga
  3. Pranayama and Relaxation Techniques
  4. Learning the Asanas: Introduction
  5. Learning the Asanas: Warm-Ups
  6. Learning the Asanas: Back Bends
  7. Learning the Asanas: Twists
  8. Learning the Asanas: Forward Bends
  9. Learning the Asanas: Inversions
  10. Learning the Asanas: Poses of Completion
  11. Learning the Asanas: Assisting, Alignment, and Adjustments
  12. Sequencing

For each Lesson, information for your to read (either within this Portal or in outside materials), and/or videos for you to watch will be provided. At the end of each Lesson, you will be given directions to complete any quizzes and/or assignments for that Lesson, before moving onto the next Lesson


All of your quizzes are in multiple choice format and are designed for you to complete them within this Portal. They consist of multiple choice, mix and match, sorting, fill in the blanks, and/or true or false questions. The purpose of these quizzes is to help you gauge your understanding of the materials after each Lesson and focus your learning. Quizzes will be graded automatically when submitted and can be completed as many times as you need. You need to score at least 85% on each of your quizzes to pass. You cannot move onto your next quiz until a passing score is received on the previous quiz.

Note: You can review your answers for completed quizzes on the “My Courses” page in your Student Portal. Just click the dropdown arrow for the course, and then the dropdown arrow for the Lesson the Quiz is based on, and you will see “Quiz Results” at the end of the Lesson. Here, you can see your grade as well as review your answers at any time.


For your assignments, you will complete one essay and a Lesson Lesson Plan. These assignments will help you expand your knowledge and find additional resources for future reference. The Essay and your Lesson Plan are submitted by uploading them directly into this Portal as a PDF file. You will see a box that allows you to upload your completed assignments under the directions for each assignment. Please note that these assignments will not be graded automatically, as they will be reviewed once all of your Quizzes, Assignments, Final Exam, Practical Exam, and Forms have been completed and submitted. You will be able to move forward in your coursework once these assignments are uploaded so you do not need to wait for grading to complete your course. You will need a score of at least 85% on each assignment to pass.

Final Exam and Practical Exam

To complete your course, you will need to complete your Final Exam and submit your Practical Exam. Your Final Exam consists of 52 multiple choice questions on all of the topics discussed throughout this course. It is formatted for you to complete within this Portal. It consists of multiple choice, mix and match, sorting, fill in the blanks, and true or false questions. You will need a score of at least 85% to pass, however, you will have one retake (if needed) available for this exam. This exam will be graded automatically, as it is a multiple choice exam; however, you will not receive your final grade for this course until all of your work (your Quizzes, Assignments, Final Exam, Practical Exam, and Forms) have been completed, submitted, and reviewed.

For your Practical Exam, you will submit a 60-minute video of you conducting a Restorative Yoga class. The Practical Exam will be based off of the Lesson Plan that you created as one of your assignments. You will want to practice your Lesson Plan until you no longer need to use your notes. Once you have your class memorized, it is time to demonstrate your abilities by recording your full 60-minute Practical Exam video of you conducting your Restorative Yoga class. You will need at least 85% to pass this exam as well. Information on how to complete and submit your Practical Exam is covered in the directions for this assignment. Your Practical Exam will not be graded automatically as it will be reviewed once all of your Quizzes, Assignments, Final Exam, Practical Exam, and Forms have been completed and submitted.


Once you complete all of your coursework, you will see the final section of the course called “Forms / Completion”. In this section, there are 2 forms for you to fill out. The first is an Ethics Form and the second is your Exam Submission Form. Your exams will not be considered completed until both of these forms are filled out. Do not fill out and submit these forms until all of your other coursework has been completed and submitted.

You will have one year from the date of purchase to complete your course and submit your assignments. If you need an extension, we offer the following plans for extensions on or before your due date:

1 Month – $35
3 Months – $65
6 Months – $95
1 Year – $125

We can accept payment by phone: 1-508-222-0092 and through The Aura Online Store.
By phone we accept all major credit cards. Online we accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and Affirm.

*Extensions processed, after your due date, will be $35 per month.

For a copy of your course Syllabus click here:
(Add-on) Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-Box – Level 1 [ONLINE] – Course Syllabus

The information found in your course Syllabus is explained throughout your course, however, if you prefer to have something tangible, you can print out is document.

**You do not need to print this unless you want to**

**Make sure to click the “Mark Complete” button**

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