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Lesson 4: Yoga Teaching Basics: Classroom Environment, Props, and Safety

This week we covered Part 2 of Teaching Basics. Below are the topics covered:

  • Video lectures in course (communication skills and compassion, being present for practice, verbal cues, and physical assists, being conscientious of medical history, and what not to do as a teacher)
  • Class environment / Class atmosphere (make students comfortable)
  • Ethics
  • Compassion for self and students (video in additional resources covers this as well)
  • Being present for practice
  • Classroom Safety (ask permission before touch, clean room, conscientious of allergies and injuries, hydration and nutrition, etc.)
  • Discuss Ethics Essay and what we are looking for

Additional Outside Resources

  1. The Power of Self-Compassion – With Dr. Kristin Neff from UPLIFT (1min 38secs): https://uplift.love/the-power-of-self-compassion-with-dr-kristin-neff/

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